Scanning App

I wanted to build a app that would allow users to easily check out inventory items and track them using an iPhone or iPad (or an iPod touch, even). FileMaker Go easily reads a range of barcodes and QR codes to speed things up. A simple color palette and minimal design elements keeps a clean, streamlined look that’s easy to use.

Home Screen

A simple home screen makes scanning easy.

One touch opens the scanner…

Check Out

…Then another touch to assign it and Done.

If it’s the first time a barcode has been scanned, it guides you to create a new inventory item.

Check In

Checking items in is even easier — scan and Done.

Any problems reported on check in can be easily noted and a notification can be sent via email.

A three finger tap from anywhere takes you back to the Home screen


You can choose to view contacts who are active or have items checked out to them.

People can be contacted directly through the app, via email, text or phone.

There’s also a log of items this person currently has checked out and a complete history.


You can filter inventory items that are in service, checked in or out.

Problems at check-in can be reported and tracked in the log.

Summary Logs

Summary Logs are easily accessible from any area, making it easy to see who has what.

Try it out!

If you’re interested, you can give the beta version a try. First of all, you’ll need the latest version of FileMaker Go (free!) on your iPhone or iPod Touch (available from the AppStore).

Then you can download the latest version of this app, either to a computer and transfer to your phone, or download it directly.

Then you’ll need barcodes. This app doesn’t create barcodes, it only reads them. You can buy pre-printed barcode labels here, here, or here. Or you can use labels and print your own. This app will read most commonly used barcode styles, as well as QR codes.

Let’s build something together.