Stuff I Made

The Softpants Podcast

Because I don’t have enough hobbies, I’ve been working with my cousins on a podcast! I’m the producer, and occasionally speak up as well.

Dog Walker App

This dog walking app checks the weather before you start, times your walk as you go, and sends notifications when you’re done. Using FileMaker, JavaScript and several API’s it’s perfect for a dog walking business or just your daily stroll.

This is really impressive

Cris Ippolite — President/Founder of iSolutions

Scanning App

This app utilizes FileMaker Go’s native barcode scanning to easily check in and check out inventory, keeping track of who checked out what and when, and when they returned it.

With a clean design and simplified functionality, it’s designed to get up and running almost right away.

Instructions and download here.

You provide the barcodes, we’ll scan ’em


Not really the type of app FileMaker was designed for — it’s geared towards tracking and sorting data, but it was a good project for me to practice layouts and scripting.

There are a lot of great calculators for your iPhone out there — this is not one one of them. But it was fun to make and play with.

Download here

Theater Request Form

This online form is designed to help people choose and request a theater, primarily for student recitals, but also for other events, both for the university community and beyond. As people fill out the form, it helps direct them to appropriate options and when the form is completed, it automatically sends a confirmation email to the applicant and notifies appropriate support staff and faculty.

The questionnaire was built dynamically to change and ask questions relevant to the type of use being requested. This information was then used to schedule the theater spaces and create estimates. Each colored branch represents a series of questions related to the response.

Built using JotForm

Lockup Checklist

A custom iOS app for consistent and thorough locking up of the theater plant after an event. Once completed, recorded a date and time and sent a confirmation to the theatre manager.

Made using AppSheet (which was just bought by Google, and looks posed to become their newest low-code platform).

Typmani ‘Chariot’

A Custom built (and painted) cart for percussionists to transport tympani. Made it easier to move equipment over thresholds, rough concrete and since it was built to the same height as the platforms they performed on, eliminated need to lift tympani.

Credential Checkout Scanner

A smartphone app designed to track ID badges as they are issued. It scans a barcode on the badge and notes when the badge was issued and to who.

Originally made with AppSheet, later I integrated this functionality directly into the FileMaker solution that created the badges.

Tarantula Hawk